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Freestyle FAQs Lite

Freestyle FAQs Lite For Joomla 2.5 and 3.0

Thursday, 10 10:17, 824.59 Kb

Download the to install Freestyle FAQs on a Joomla 2.5.x or 3.x installation.

Please use the Install/Uninstall menu on your joomla backend to install this file.

If you are upgrading on Joomla 1.6 and above you can install this over any existing install of Freestyle FAQs.

Change Log
    • Some small bug fixes
    • Moved accordian code to js file to allow it to run when other components/modules js fails
    • Fixed duplicate function error that can occur with some other componentes
    • Added correct translation ini files for search and finder plugins
    • Made changes to permissions to unsure they are consistant throught the component
    • Fix for 500 errors under certain setups
    • Fixed issue with Finder/Smart Search not working with latest Joomla 3.1
    • Fixed issue with missing jquery.noconflict.js file
    • Fix modal classes to stop conflict with some templates
    • Fix glossary content plugin mangling javascript
    • Fixes to smart search plugins
    • FAQ List module can now use accordion list mode, as well as popup mode for listing answers
    • Search and Smart search plugins for glossary
    • Smart search plugin for FAQs
    • Fixed all strict standards notices
    • Renamed FAQ listing module so not to be confusing with the Freestyle Support one
    • Fix issue with language filters on backend not working correctly under certain conditions (the bug stops any data from being displayed)
    • Fix broken and missing translation strings
    • Fix missing image in Joomla admin menus
    • Missing ini file in install
    • Use CodeMirror editor when changing html templates and css settings within the Templates admin page
    • Added option to include jQuery or not in the page (alows you to stop it being included multiple times)
    • Fixed anchors within glossary to work correclty when including spaces and other odd characters
    • Glossary now has a list of HTML tags that it will ignore content within. This fixes issues with terms being highlighted within a link.
    • Non ASCII character were broken on the latest version of Joomla, this is now fixed
    • More jQuery fixes
    • Changed jQuery inclusion method to reduce conflicts with other components
    • Fixed search errors
    • FAQ Tags now properly translated